Annual General Meeting

You have the right to know!

The Student Association hosts General Meetings twice a year – once in the fall semester and once in the winter semester.

At SA General Meetings, students are invited to share their voice with their student leaders by voting on proposed Student Association by-law changes, approving the Student Association’s audited statements, and voicing concerns to the Student Association. All proposed by-law amendments along with the meeting’s agenda will be available to students ahead of each General Meeting.

For the Winter 2021 term, the SA is hosting a town hall celebration in lieu of a General Meeting to unveil the SA’s new strategic direction. Join us on March 4 for a celebration that includes games, prizes and information on how the SA is continuing to support students.

See below for the minutes and agendas of the most recent General Meetings.

Amendments to the By-Law

You have the opportunity to review and approve the proposed bylaw amendments in the AGM Meeting.

Click here to view the proposed bylaw amendments

Proxy Form

Each member of the Student Association has the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. A member may complete a Proxy form to allow another member to represent them in the meeting with their vote. Please submit the Proxy form by October 20th, 2020 at 12:00 PM to the Director of Communications and

Click here to download the proxy form