UPDATED: COVID-19 Relief Fund for Spring 2020 Semester. Applications open July 13, 2020.

George Brown College and the Student Association of George Brown College have provided funds to establish the GBC & Student Association COVID-19 Relief Fund. This fund is to assist students facing any of the following financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Canadian Federation of Students has been actively monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and the measures taken by governments and post-secondary institutions. Below you will find our official statement on this issue as well as a toolkit, which is a living document, that Member Locals can use to respond to the needs of students. Please feel free to send us information you would like to see included in this toolkit.


This document reflects the current state as of March 26, 2020. The situation is rapidly evolving. Please be sure to reach out directly to these programs to find out the most up-to-date information.


UPDATE! – TORONTO – (April 7, 2020) George Brown College and the College’s Student Association have partnered to bring much needed support to students affected by the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Launched today, the Student COVID-19 Relief Fund will help domestic and international students who are in urgent financial need.

Our students are facing urgent financial need due to the measures to protect public safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. Too many students have lost their jobs due to business closures, have no way to pay their rent, or even purchase food during this unprecedented time. Our goal is to support every student experiencing financial difficulties and your donations are urgently needed now.


Your student union, the Student Association (SA) has provided funds to prioritize care to equity groups impacted by COVID-19. This fund recognizes how traditionally marginalized, under-served, and underrepresented communities are disproportionately impacted in times like these and have disproportionate resources in accessing supports.

This fund recognizes how marginalized students often face barriers to other bursaries and applications. Hopefully you find this form easy-to-use. You do not have to prove your worth or your needs. You are worthy. We trust that you know what you need. This process won’t ask you about your personal finances or dig deep into personal experiences.

This Fund made possible with supports from the Student Association’s Community Care Centre and Community Action Centre.

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  • Staying Calm While You’re Stuck At Home

The best piece of advice that the Student Association can give is to encourage you to continue studying and act as though it’s business as usual while off campus and or participating in online classes. We know that you have questions regarding recent changes with how to participate and we encourage you to visit the George Brown College website to receive up-to-date information on an ongoing basis.


Helping you help yourself!

The Student Academic Support Program is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to resolve the academic issues you might face during your time at George Brown College (GBC).

We provide students with peer-to-peer academic support during their time  at GBC to assist with understanding course expectations, academic policies and writing academic petitions.

The Student Academic Support Program assists students by:

  • Helping you identify the GBC policies that are relevant to your academic issue.
  • Explaining your student rights and responsibilities in accordance with the  academic policies.
  • Teaching you self-advocacy skills.
  • Encouraging you to resolve your academic issue at the lowest and most immediate level.
  • Message from Board of Directors, Student AssociationOn behalf of the Student Association, Board of Directors, we welcome all of you in the Spring/Summer Semester. I am sorry that we are not able to meet face to face due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. These are truly unprecedented times across the whole world. What amazes me the most among the students in our GBC community is how you all focus hard on being committed to your future success and executing the best version of yourself during this unpredictable time.The Student Association staff is working exceptionally hard at making sure that you can access the services that you need. It can’t be easy, studying online and being away from your friends and family, but we are here to provide support and help if you need it.We will continue to advocate for all of our members and we are committed to maintaining open and ongoing dialogue with George Brown College to ensure best interest of your academic and college experience.We would love to hear from you and also like to hear what you been doing. You probably spending some time studying, but you may also be looking after your family members or you may have volunteered. You may also be taking a bit of time to learn a new skill or simply taking time out from your busy lives to focus on self-care & mental health. Please visit our website: and follow us on: Facebook: @SAofGBC; Instagram: @sagbc & Twitter: @sagbc for latest updates. If you want us to share what you are doing with others, then you can send us a picture or a video at and we will share on Social Media.Wherever you are, please stay safe and positive. We are thinking of you and we are here to support you!

    In Solidarity,

    Manisha Punjabi

    Interim Director of Communications & Internal