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SA Clubs & Student-Led Networks

Clubs at GBC are a great way to bring back face-to-face contact in areas of cultural interest, personal interests, and social movements.

Clubs and Networks bring people together, entertain through hobbies, and build-up skills. Use clubs and networks to explore student connections across programs and fields of study, strengthen social bonds outside the classroom, meet students with similar interests or backgrounds, meet students when developing new skills/interests, and otherwise break isolation by connecting students to community in ways that support the college experience.  

Clubs have access to skills training, professional development, awards and recognition, and more. Examples of Clubs and Networks: 

Check out the Clubs Directory on the SA website. Ranging from academic, to health, to recreation, to social networks and more…there’s a club ready to welcome you.  

Creating a club is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Find a common interest or belief that you share with other students
  2. Fill out the clubs application by clicking here
  3. Submit your completed clubs application online

Download and fill out the Club’s Constitution Template here.

Recreational Clubs: promotes and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the George Brown community through traditional and non-traditional recreational activities that offer students an alternative to indulge in healthy and active lifestyle.  

Academic Clubs: student groups with a focus on providing a space that allows for peer-to-peer learning and contribute to the academic success of George Brown students. 

Health and Counselling Clubs: creates a community for students to come together to discuss health-related topics and learning opportunities to improve the health and wellness of students on campus. 

Social Clubs: non-essential activations to enhance student experiences at George Brown College. They are student collectives that focus on cultural, religious, political and social activations through events, initiatives and meetings to interact with students with shared interests. 

Contact information:

Russ Adade, Clubs Coordinator
St. James Campus, 200 King St. E., room 147
For more information on the SAGBC Clubs and Student-led Networks Program, read our Student-led Networks and Clubs policies.


Academic Student Clubs

AI Club To create a thriving community of Data Scientists, Data Engineer and to organize engaging events related to Applied Artificial Intelligence
Architectural Studies Collective The Architectural Studies Collective encourages skill and knowledge building through participation in events hosted by the club or hosted externally. This can include, but not limited to: sketch walks, design competitions, talks with industry professionals, site visits, etc.
Canadian Nursing Student Association CNSA is a communication link among nursing students across Canada. CNSA advocates on behalf of the nursing students at George Brown College. They conduct a series of workshops, speaking engagements, and activations on campus.
Enactus Enactus seeks to help our community to achieve economic and social success by empowering students with field education opportunities through partnership and learning innovations.
GBC Advocates for Early Childhood Education The mission of the Club is to Foster awareness of Early Childhood Educator/Early Childhood Education and Child Care issues and create student advocates who are passionate and actively engaged in critical thinking and critical action towards addressing and responding to these issues.
GBC Analytics Club Ready to embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and camaraderie, while unlocking the potential of data analytics to unleash a future shaped by data-driven excellence? Then join the GBC Analytics Club. We have regular speaker series, hackathons and competitions, annual conference, networking events, and an exciting analytics bootcamp. All we ask is an eagerness to learn, collaborate, and contribute to this exciting world of data analytics. Join today!
GBC Computer Science Club The GBCCSC is a club designed to foster an interest and love for all facets of Computer Science. Our meetings will include demonstrations of recent projects that have been written by members, ideas for upcoming projects which members may want to take part in, and upcoming events or competitions. We aim to have a meeting each week, along with potential outings to networking events or in house events created by the executive members.
GBC Sustainability Squad This club aims to bridge the gap between sustainability and student experience by implementing projects that benefit students and the environment. A student-led sustainability club will be held George Brown College reach its sustainability goals while engaging the students in a process, and this will imbed sustainable practices into campus culture while empowering students through increase environmental literacy.
George Brown Marketing Association To provide a forum for George Brown marketing students to meet fellow students with an interest in marketing, to participate in professional development opportunities within the college and the marketing industry, and apply their marketing skills promoting the association’s events. Examples of work that will support the association’s purpose include preparing and updating the association’s marketing plan, recruiting members, implementing marketing events, and conducting post analyses.
Personal Finance Club Our goal is to help GBC students to be more confident in making financial decisions. We aim to equip all GBC students with proper financial education and financial planning skills they need as we believe financial literacy is the key to a healthier, happier, and more secure life.

Social and Cultural Student Clubs

Club Description Contact
Indian Cultural Association The Association will connect with every international and domestic students through cultural programming and events, that will allow students and GBC community members to explore cultural activities.
Iranian Student Club The Iranian student club is a place for Iranians to share their rich heritage and culture with others. The Iranian students club is a safe place for Iranians to be heard and express themselves. We would love to share everything about Iran and the Persian people with you.
K-pop Club To create a positive community and share our love of the music genre, K-pop.
Muslim Student Association The goal of the Muslim Student Association is to create an encouraging and inclusive environment for the Muslim population at George Brown. Our mission is to serve the needs of these students on and off-campus. The Aim and Purpose of MSA is to serve and represent the needs of Muslims on and off-campus. This MSA will work towards integrating its values into George Brown’s community.
PhoenixSunrise Club The GBCCSC is a club designed to foster an interest and love for all facets of Computer Science. Our meetings will include demonstrations of recent projects that have been written by members, ideas for upcoming projects which members may want to take part in, and upcoming events or competitions. We aim to have a meeting each week, along with potential outings to networking events or in house events created by the executive members.

Health and Counselling Student Clubs

Club Description Contact
ASL Network ASL Network Toronto offers an opportunity for individuals to learn American Sign Language. The network also focuses on creating bridges between the hearing and the Deaf culture.
The Network The purpose is to bring awareness and assist with educational success to students who identify as black. The Network also provides counseling and mentorship to students.

Recreational Student Clubs

Club Description Contact
Byte Club To provide a community for any current students, alumni, or GBC staff interested in gaming. Whether that is casually, competitively, or in a game dev sense.
Dungeons and Dragons Club To allow students to gather and play tabletop games and meet other like-minded people.
GBC Foosball Club The purpose of this club is to ensure that the foosball table, that are always stacked with balls and subsequently bring people together after going through two and a half years online.
GBC Dragon Boat Club GBC Dragon Boat is a collective of students that participates in the annual Dragon Boat Race Festival.
GBC Huskies Men's Hockey Club We are the GBC Extramural Men’s Hockey Team. We play 4 tournaments this year, representing the GNC Athletics Department at other colleges around Southern Ontario. We practice every week on Wednesdays. We seek club support to help sponsor our tracksuits, and tournament travel.
LGBTQIA+ Game Dev GBC’s LGBTQIA+ Game Dev Club is a place for George browns LQBTQIA+ gamers and Game Development students to come hangout and play and Build games together.
GBC Ski and Snowboarding Club The purpose of the network is to create a social network for students that love skiing and snowboarding in the winter season.
GBC OLAS The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) provides students at George Brown College with Hispanic/Latino descent with the opportunity to share their culture with all students, faculty, and staff at George Brown College. The network welcomes all students to join this network. OLAS serves as an academic space, focusing on discussions and activities such as: education, culture, history, politics, and events.
MegaSoft Tech To learn more about coding, management, project creation and developing applications or web which make students' and others' life easy.

Hours 2023:

Monday to Friday

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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