Equity & Care – Relief Fund


Your student union, the Student Association (SA) established this fund to prioritize care to equity groups impacted by hardships. This fund recognizes how traditionally marginalized, under-served, and underrepresented communities are disproportionately impacted during trying times, and have disproportionate access to resources and supports.

This fund recognizes how marginalized students often face barriers with other bursaries and applications. We offer this alternative. Hopefully you find this form and process easy-to-use. Low barrier to accessing care. You do not have to prove your worth or your needs. You are worthy. We trust that you know what you need. You know your needs best. This process won’t ask you about your personal finances or dig deep into personal experiences. Share what you will.


This fund is open to George Brown College students who meet the following:

  1. Registered as full-time student in Winter 2024 semester (Domestic or International student)
  2. Identify with one or more of the current prioritized equity groups:
  • Black Students
  • Students with Disabilities
  • First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Students
  • International/Racialized Students
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ Students
  • Women & Trans Students
  1. Complete application (info is valid, complete, and received by the deadline)

*Priority may be given to recipients who have not previously benefited from the Equity and Care Relief Fund.

*Note, funds may be taxable. Contacted recipients will require a valid SIN/ITN to receive funds.

*Note, funds will be released electronically. Contacted recipients may require access to Canadian bank accounts.

Applications open Feb. 26, 2024, apply by clicking here.


Thursday, March. 28, 2024 3 PM (EST)

Please note that this fund offers direct, short-term relief only.
Available amounts range $100-$1000
Due to volume and demand, only awarded recipients will be notified.


*Fund made possible with supports from the Student Association’s @CommunityCareCentre