Academic Support

Academic Support

Helping you help yourself!

Academic Support is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to resolve the academic issues you might face during your time at George Brown College (GBC).

We provide students with peer-to-peer academic support during their time at GBC to assist with understanding course expectations, academic policies and writing academic petitions.

Academic Support assists students by:

  • Helping you identify the GBC policies that are relevant to your academic issue.
  • Explaining your student rights and responsibilities in accordance with the academic policies.
  • Teaching you self-advocacy skills.
  • Encouraging you to resolve your academic issue at the lowest and most immediate level.

Our goal is to support you as you ask for your rights to be respected and encourage you to respectfully voice your concerns about your academic experience at the college, as well as to uphold your responsibilities as a student.

The program takes a student-centered approach that believes in empowering you to be your own best advocate. Regardless of the issue, we will connect you to various services within the college. We also help with providing context to other student service providers at the college to consider the student experience as a whole and not one based solely on academics.

Our staff members are trained to provide students with the necessary guidance to address and resolve any academic issues you might face while at GBC.

Contact Academic Support:
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Phone: 416-415-5000 Ext. 6320