In its mission to support George Brown students, the Student Association of George Brown College (SAGBC) has launched a Co-Sponsorship program to give students and student organizations an opportunity to help get their events and projects off the ground.

The possibilities for SAGBC Co-Sponsorship funding are endless. Whether you’re organizing an event, kickstarting a campaign or putting together a networking opportunity, SAGBC Co-Sponsorship funding is available to help you make it happen. All we need is a clear budget and cover letter detailing your initiative.

The Co-Sponsorship program offers funding to individuals, groups (two or more students who are working on the same project), and organizations (a group of students who are formally linked as part of a recognized organization).

A maximum fund of $250 is offered to individuals, while a maximum of $350 is offered to groups and a maximum of $650 is offered to organizations.

Applicants should be a recognized George Brown College club, organization, student representative council or full-time student. They must also apply no less than three weeks prior to the date that the funds will be required.

To apply for SAGBC Co-Sponsorship funding, fill out this form. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Applicant Information:

Please include with your request a detailed budget and cover letter that states the purpose, intent and expectation of the Student Associations involvement in co-sponsoring the event.

The following two (2) items must be included in the application:

  • Cover Letter

The cover letter must include your

    • Group name
    • Representative
    • Telephone number
    • Email Address
    • Date of the event
    • Time of the event
    • Location of the event
    • The purpose and intent of the event
  • The expectation of the Student Association Budget
    • The budget must include the amount of your financial request, the recipient of the funds, and the budget of the entire event including the details on how the funds provided by the Student Association will be used.

** The cover letter and the budget must be typed out in 12pt font.


Co-Sponsorship Policy:

SAGBC Co-Sponsorship Policy