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Positions Available

Executive Positions:

  • Director of Education & Equity
  • Director of Student Experience

Representative Positions:

  • Arts, Design and Information Technology Representative
    Business Representative
  • Community Services and Early Childhood Representative
  • Construction and Engineering Representative
  • Health Science Representative
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts Representative
  • Preparatory and Liberal Studies Representative

Your voice • Your vote • Your George Brown

The SAGBC’s Spring 2021 Election

Want to be more involved in the GBC community?  Check out the positions available and run for a seat on the SA’s Board of Directors. Nominations will be open on March 9, 2021. The best fit for these positions are students who are passionate about their education and their GBC community. These positions offer a chance to provide real change to the GBC culture and community.

Diverse voices are needed at the Board of Director’s table. We encourage all students – including students from equity-seeking groups – to apply for these positions to ensure that diverse voices are heard in your Student Association.

Nomination Phase

The nomination period will open on March 9 and will close on March 16. You can submit your nomination period on this page, so keep an eye on our website & social media channels for any updates.