SA Recreation

SA Recreation

SA Recreation provides students with activities and programming focused on their overall well-being outside of the classroom. These activities provide a break from academic life and support the development of important skills for balanced living.

Examples of activities include non-traditional sport activities, self-defence programs, student-led recreational programming and activities that aid in stress management.

For more information:
Phone: 416.415.5000 Ext. 6156

Student-Led Recreation Networks

Student-Led Recreation Networks provide students with the opportunity to participate in peer-led non-traditional sports and recreation activities. Student-led recreation networks offer a fun way for students to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

One of the benefits of joining a Student-Led Recreation Network is the opportunity to develop leadership and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

All official networks are supported and funded by the Student Association. You will receive benefits such as funding to organize events, free use of Student Association and college spaces for meetings and great opportunities to collaborate on events and activities at George Brown College.

For more information about starting or joining student-led recreation networks contact:

Phone: 416.415.5000 Ext. 6003

Student Recreation Networks Description Contact
Anime Vortex – Next Generation The purpose of the network is sharing the common interest of Japanese animation and novels with George Brown College students and faculty
Games Network The purpose of this network is to focus on gaming community around George Brown and facilitate gaming activations throughout the school year. 
GBC D&D Network This network aims to help students with design, writing, speaking and social skills through the use of the group based on video game interaction and peer interaction.
GBC Dragon Boat Network George Brown Dragon Boat Network was formed in 2013 with the goal of promoting to GBC students in living a healthy and fit lifestyle through the sport of dragon boat. We are currently accepting new paddlers for the 2019-20 Dragon Boat Season! 
GBC Drawing Network To host life drawing sessions and other similar drawing related events bi-weekly. To encourage students to draw regularly, and decompress. This will help students’ strengthen their visual art skills, as well as promote wellbeing and relaxing as drawing can be therapeutic. Our goal is to create a welcoming, none stressful environment where anyone interested can come and participate regardless of skill level and get creative as they draw from a live model.
GBC ESL Toronto Culture Network Toronto Culture Network tries to give the chance of exploring the diverse culture of Toronto city and its vibrant lifestyle to the students. 
GBC ESL Drone Network Through the ESL Department, Students that have an interest in learning about drones and participating events that is associated with drones.  
GBC ESL Volunteer Network The network offers opportunity for students to volunteer within George Brown College and also with external organizations. The goal is to offer opportunity for students to get involved with the community. 
GBC Ski and Snowboarding Network The purpose of the network is to create a social network for students that love skiing and snowboarding in the winter season. 
George Brown Cyclist The purpose of the network is advocate and empower cyclist who are a part of the George Brown community. 
IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association) GBC 
Haus of Games The GBC Board Games and Friends network invites you to join us for a weekly dose of fun! We have strategy, concentration, party games and many more. And if you don’t know how to play, don’t worry. Our Game Master will guide you! 
League of Legends George Brown League Of Legends is a network where we gather and play a game on the computer called League Of Legends.
OLAS The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) provides students at George Brown College with Hispanic/Latino descent with the opportunity to share their culture with all students, faculty and staff at George Brown College. The network welcomes all students to join this network. OLAS serves as an academic space, focusing on discussions and activities such as: education, culture, history, politics and events.
Pixel Lab The purpose of this network is to unite the students from different years in the Gaming program (T163). The network will be held in a computer lab and feature retro gaming opportunities.
Smash! The purpose of this network is to focus on gaming community (specifically super smash brothers) around George Brown and facilitate gaming activations throughout the school year. 
Trophi Party Network Trophi Party Dance Network exists to promote integration between students at GBC that enjoy cultural arts, particularly dancing and listening music
Volume One: Anime Network Volume One is GBC’s premiere network for Anime, Manga, Gaming PC/Console, Cosplay, Fanfic and more. Our multimedia rooms provide CrunchyRoll releases as well as a gaming room stocked with XBox & Playstation. Bring your handhelds & smartphones for Pokemon Fun.
Zumba/ Salsa GBC ESL Network Help students to de-stress by turning their attention to dance and away from the daily grid. Help students to improve their coordination and concentration.