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The SA is proud to be a part of the George Brown community and we’re particularly excited to get to know all the new students. We want you to be involved not only in the George Brown community but the Student Association community too – and there are many ways you can do that.

SA Connect

The SA Connect team is the SAGBC staff who are ready and waiting to help you with your questions and concerns. Their goal is to help connect students with the staff and departments that will be able to answer their questions. They’re the friendly face of the SA, dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get you the answers you need.

You can contact the SA at any of our offices at Casa Loma, St. James and Waterfront. We’re also always available to connect with online at, through the ‘Live Chat’ function on the bottom right of this page, or on social media.

Front office Hallway


Still have questions? Feel free to consult our Sourcebook, where we provide info on every service and program the SA provides. It also includes more information on how to get involved in the SA. You can also check out our FAQs, where we answer some of GBC students’ most common questions.

Get involved!

And don’t forget to follow us on social media! The SA is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so follow along and keep up to date with everything that we’re doing! We’ve planned a host of amazing events all through frosh week, designed to get you up and running on your time at George Brown and learn how to access all these amazing services. And if you’re busy this week, don’t worry. We’ll continue providing informative, helpful and fun events all year long.