Student Health and Safety

The health and safety of students is vitally important to the George Brown community, so SAGBC has designed a wide variety of programs and services to foster an open and inclusive campus environment where everyone feels safe.

But we’re not leaving it there. SAGBC is also committed to actively promoting the mental and physical health of George Brown students. We have a long history of standing up for the rights, safety, and health of our students, and the SNAP, SafeWalk, and Community Care Centre programs go a long way in continuing that.


Late night walks around GBC’s downtown campuses can be intimidating. That’s why SAGBC’s Safewalk program is ensuring you don’t have to make those trips alone.

totalwalksSafewalk is a service that offers free walk accompaniment to anyone within 2km of George Brown’s campus. Our team of student staff is on-site at the Casa Loma, Waterfront, St. James and Hospitality campuses. Last year, the Safewalk team helped 1,716 students reach their destination safely – and the benefits of the Safewalk team go beyond that, with the student-staff reinforcing the feeling of security at George Brown.

Community Care Centre

The SAGBC has a long history of advocating for marginalized communities – and our Community Care Centre is at the centre of that movement. The Community Care Centre is a place where students can connect to seek support or peer-to-peer counselling and access the resources to help them feel comfortable and empowered in their academic and social lives at George Brown.

Like most Canadian colleges, George Brown has come a long way in eliminating racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other types of discrimination. But – also like Canadian colleges – it is not perfect. The Community Care Centre team is chasing that perfection, fighting on behalf of equity groups and marginalized communities on issues of social advocacy.

The CCC’s services are available to all, but their programming emphasises the support of the following equity groups:

  • Black students
  • First Nations, Inuit, Métis students
  • Disabilities students
  • International and racialized students
  • LGBTQ students
  • Women & trans students

So if you encounter racism, sexism or homophobia – or if you have concerns about GBC’s policies on diversity and equity – reach out to the CCC team. We promise to fight for your voice and offer all the support you need.

Student Nutrition Access Program

A nutritious diet is important to leading a healthy and active lifestyle – but it often seems the healthier you eat, the more money you’re spending. We get it. That’s why the Student Nutrition Access Program (SNAP) is helping students strike a balance between affordable and healthy.

SNAP educates students about nutrition, teaching them the basics of preparing meals that meet nutrition guidelines, how to read nutrition labels, nutrition strategies to boost your immune system, and providing information and resources on how to manage stress through diet, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Last year, SNAP served over 32,000 students. Among that group are over 8,000 who utilized the SNAP Pantry, which offers nutritious food and meals to students on campus. They also served low-cost fruits and vegetables to almost 3,000 students last year through the Good Food Market.

So ditch the instant noodles and microwaved dinners, and check out the resources available to you from the SNAP team. Healthy foods and a nutritious diet can be possible on a student budget, and our SNAP team is always ready to help show you how.