Student Success

George Brown College is a huge system and navigating its policies and procedures can be intimidating – especially for new students. It’s why SAGBC has set up so many programs to help students when they need to delve into the complex administrations that make up the college.

Most students will, at some point during their time at George Brown, ask questions about their health benefits, academic policies or legal options. SAGBC is ready and waiting to help you answer those questions correctly and, when necessary, fight on your behalf.

Health Benefits

The Student Association facilitates the administration of the student health benefits plan. That means if you have questions about what your coverage entails, the SA is the best place to start.

The Health Benefits program is available to all full-time students – domestic or international, and the fee is built into your tuition at the start of the year. They cover all sorts of medical services, including:

  • Dental
  • Extended Health
  • Physio
  • Massage Therapy
  • Much more!

You’re joining a network of over 24,000 students who enjoy the health benefits provided to George Brown students. Thousands of students have accessed the benefits of the plan, and the SA has been there for all of them, answering questions, providing advice and recommending doctors.

statsAnd if you already have a benefits plan, either from your parent, spouse, or work, opting out the GBC plan is easy! Simply head over to to get in touch with our team. But don’t forget, the deadline to opt-out is September 30.

Student Academic Support Program

Are you having issues with one of your professors? Can’t figure out why your research paper didn’t get an A? If so, you’ll probably want to contact SAGBC’s Student Academic Support Program.

The Student Academic Support Program helps thousands of GBC students every year by accessing their deep knowledge of GBC’s academic policies to pass along important information relevant to each situation.

Last year, our Academic Support team advocated on behalf of over 250 students. And by teaching students what they need to know about the College’s academic system, they were able to help students advocate for themselves with a greater understanding of their academic rights and privileges.

Here’s how they can help you if you come across an academic issue during your time at George Brown:

  • Identify the GBC policies that are relevant to your academic issue
  • Explain your student rights and responsibilities in accordance with the academic policies
  • Teach you self-advocacy skills.
  • Encourage you to resolve your academic issue at the lowest and most immediate level.

These days, our Academic Support team is continuing to provide its services digitally. Students are encouraged to schedule Zoom calls with our program leaders in accordance with social distancing protocols. Also, keep an eye out for their frequent Zoom webinars where students can learn more about their rights and the College’s academic policies.