Student Academic Support Program

Student Academic Support Program

Helping you help yourself!

The Student Academic Support Program is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to resolve the academic issues you might face during your time at George Brown College (GBC).

We provide students with peer-to-peer academic support during their time  at GBC to assist with understanding course expectations, academic policies and writing academic petitions.

The Student Academic Support Program assists students by:

  • Helping you identify the GBC policies that are relevant to your academic issue.
  • Explaining your student rights and responsibilities in accordance with the  academic policies.
  • Teaching you self-advocacy skills.
  • Encouraging you to resolve your academic issue at the lowest and most immediate level.

Our goal is to support you as you ask for your rights to be respected and encourage you to respectfully voice your concerns about your academic experience at the college, as well as to uphold your responsibilities as a student.

The program takes a student-centered approach that believes in empowering you to be your own best advocate. Regardless of the issue, we will connect you to various services within the college. We also help with providing context to other student service providers at the college to consider the student experience as a whole and not one based solely on academics.

Our staff members are trained to provide students with the necessary guidance to address and resolve any academic issues you might face while at GBC.

Fill out the online intake form.

For more information:
Phone: 416.415.5000 Ext. 6320

To make appointment online with the Academic Support team:

Student-Led Academic Networks

The Student-Led Academic Network facilitates students coming together to form academic groups that support peer-to-peer learning and contribute to academic success.

One of the benefits of joining a Student-Led Academic Network is the opportunity to develop leadership and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

All official networks are supported and funded by the Student Association. You will receive benefits such as funding to organize events, free use of Student Association and college spaces for meetings and great opportunities to collaborate on events and activities at George Brown College.

For more information about starting or joining student-led academic networks go to:
Phone: 416.415.5000 Ext. 6003

Academic Networks Description Contact
Canadian Nursing Student Association The purpose of this network is to provide a communication link among nursing students across Canada. Provide a liaison with other organizations concerned with nursing healthcare and education and the official voice for nursing students at George Brown
CCET Association
Enactus Enactus George Brown College seeks to help our community to achieve the economic and social success by empowering students with field education opportunities through partnership and learning innovations. Enactus primarily operates multiple business ventures, either for profit or non-profit. These ventures will be consistent with our mission and directed towards both Enactus at George Brown College and the communities in which we live
GBC Renovators The GBC Renovators is a network designated to the Building Renovation Technology Program (T148) and Building Renovation Technician Program (T110). This network will provide greater student representation within the Student Association in order for students within these programs to have a louder voice, host events catered to our programs, be recognized as a legitimate organization and create stronger awareness on George Brown campus.
GBC Robotics and Drones The network is for GBC students in the Robotics Technician program and provide sessions to learn more about industrial robots and manufacturing system.
GBC Theatre Mice
HR Society GBC HR Society is a student group that focuses on putting human resources events on for students. We have had such events such as networking events and speed mentoring. If you are looking to connect with like-minded HR students with a focus on building a community of HR students here at George Brown College, come join our network.
IDEA (Interactive Design and Experience Agency) The purpose of the network is to collaborate, network, learn, share and inspire. IDEA will provide a network of support for the interaction design and development and interactive media management students at George Brown College.
M.A.D (Music, Arts & Design) The MUSIC, ART AND DESIGN CLUB is designed with the main purpose of composing, performing and recording songs for the production and manufacturing of an annual music release.
Mix Media Network Mix Media provides a platform for students throughout the semesters to help facilitate workshops and to connect with other students in the design school program.
Project Management Network
Slow Fashion Collective The mission of the network is to bring together the GBC fashion community through events centred on promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism within the industry
Supply Chain Management The purpose of the network is aligned with the students in the Supply Chain Management program, with a focus of demand management, production planning and other functions.
Student Photography Association
Sustainability Squad
The Consulting Club
Women In Business Create a safe space for everyone to discuss their experiences, hardships and success within a business framework. We aim to support women in attaining the skills they need to effectively position themselves in a completive workplace via appropriate programming and advocacy.