Community Care Centre

We listen. We care. We act.

You are part of the student movement. As part of the student movement, you are benefiting from a long history of people working together for social change. Now you too are part of the ongoing peoples’ history of challenging inequity, violence and injustice.

Yes, we’ve come to school to learn. But, we also have a lot to unlearn. Students are agents of change who are able to unpack power and privilege and transform classroom education into community actions. Students are leaders who are able to learn from each other, challenge with care, make demands and win.

Getting involved with the indispensable Community Care Centre provides ways to come together, connect with people and share leadership—in the spirit of dismantling barriers to accessible education.

The Community Care Centre acts as a resource for understanding and organizing around social justice by taking on outreach, research, advocacy, lobbying and coalition building to mobilize students.

We all benefit when everyone has access to free education. Together let’s get aware, engaged and active as we educate, agitate and organize! Don’t forget to tag us in your journey on Instagram and Facebook.


We’re still here, virtually. The Community Care Centre is your soft place to land.



St. James campus:
St. James A Building, room 165B
200 King St. East

Casa Loma campus:
E Building, first floor, room E124
142 Kendal Ave.

Waterfront campus:
Concourse level, room 031C
51 Dockside Dr.

For more information:
Phone: 416.415.5000 Ext. 2439
Facebook: CommunityCareCentre
Instagram: @CommunityCareCentre